T-Mobile thinks I'm messaging internationally


    Why does T-Mobile randomly think that I'm sending pictures internationally?


    So far this has happened twice in about 4 months. The first time, I was messaging my dad. He has an Iphone and was using iMessage so every message was an mms message. I was being charged 25 cents per message. I called T-Mobile (8/2/2019) and explained my issue and she was very helpful. She said for some reason my messages were being send to the UK. She said the issue was on T-Mobile's end so she refunded me my money and sent the issue to someone who could fix it so it wouldn't happen again.


    I didn't have any issues until I looked at my balance today (12/04/2019). On 11/29/2019 I sent a picture to 2 of my friends and was charged 25 cents per message. I called T-Mobile and got told that it could be many things that caused this but there was nothing he could do about it and couldn't look into it. After some arguing and getting no where, I asked to speak with a manager/supervisor and was put on hold for 5 minutes before I hung up and called them again. The second person I called said the same thing as the first person. After some arguing she said she would look into it and put me on hold for 30 seconds. She came back and said that the issue was in fact on T-Mobile's end and she would refund me the money and send the issue to someone who could fix it so this won't happen again. She didn't tell me anything other than the problem would be taken care of. I'm guessing that it was a similar issue to the first one.


    This has happened twice in about 4 months and I think it's safe to say that this will probably happen again. Why? Why does T-Mobile randomly think I'm sending pictures internationally? I'm not messaging anyone outside of the United States. I don't even know anyone who lives outside of the U.S. It doesn't happen every time, it's random.  That's the part I don't get. How can I send or receive mms messages with no issue, then it charges me randomly? I know 2 out of the 3 people use U.S. Cellular as their carrier, and the third person uses Verizon. This is getting frustrating. I shouldn't have to look at my balance almost daily to see if T-Mobile messed up again. Even though it has only happened twice, there will probably be a third time.


    I have a prepaid account if that matters.


    This is directed at someone who works for T-Mobile who can figure out why this keeps happening to me.


    Any reply would be appreciated. Thank You.

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