USPS lost my trade in phone needed for a rebate


    I purchased an iphone 11.  It has a rebate of $580.  The rebate requires a trade in, and I mailed in my old iphone 6s to Assurant with the prepaid label given at time of purchase.


    The tracking number shows no activity after the iphone 6s was accepted by USPS.  (Tracking number: 92162901067815500230947524).  It simply says "in transit" and has said so for 2 weeks.  I have opened a a "missing mail" inquiry (USPS Missing Mail Search ID: 7879319). 


    RIght now, T-mobile has notes in my account that I have inquired about this, and that I have filled out a missing mail search with USPS.


    The phone must be received by December 4 or else the rebate is denied. (At this point, I assume the iphone 6s will never be found.)


    My question:   Has T-mobile ever honored a rebate if the trade-in phone is lost by USPS?

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