Switching from Verizon to T-Mobile prepaid


    I just switched from Verizon (postpaid) to T-Mobile prepaid. I'm using a brand new, factory unlocked Moto G7 Power phone and transferred my old phone number to this new T-Mobile account. Problem is, things are only "half" working and it's been more than 48 hours since I put my new sim card into my new phone. Per online account and per the T-Mobile person I spoke with on the phone, my account IS active and it IS showing up as being my old phone number (which I want). I can make outgoing calls with my new phone. But no one receives my texts (that say sent), I cannot receive any texts, and incoming calls keep going to my old Verizon phone. T-Mobile guy on phone was of no help, all he could do was say "your account is active, you're good!" no matter what I was telling him about these other issues. Clearly it's not fine, with me being stuck in this in-between spot here, with my phone number seemingly being attached to two different carriers and texts and incoming calls not working. Anything I've read shows that it wouldn't take this long for the port-in process to be completed fully and previous terminated with Verizon. The phone shouldn't be the problem if it's gotten to this point and also can make calls. Any suggestions or help?

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