VPN being throttled on Mobile HotSpot with One+ International


    I have a line with the $25/mo One+ International, which gives unlimited hotspot data at full 4g LTE speeds. Under normal usage, I get ~30mbps down when I connect to the hotspot from my laptop and things work fine. However, starting a few months ago, when I started connecting to my company's VPN (ipsec), the traffic through the VPN is very noticeably throttled at the T-Mobile end to ~512kbps.


    The following tests show this:

    - Normal speed on hotspot: ~30mbps

    - Speed on hotspot with VPN: ~512kbps


    - Normal speed on Wifi provided by other ISP: ~15mbps

    - Speed on Wifi provided by other ISP with VPN: ~15mbps


    Given that the VPN on an alternate ISP shows no drop in speed, but using the T-Mobile line does, it's definitely something at the T-Mobile end throttling.


    I've seen on other forums (correct or otherwise) that T-Mobile has been throttling VPN to 512kbps unless the user has a One+ add-on (which I do: One+ International). I'm thinking that if this is true, then perhaps T-Mobile doesn't have the One+ International plan correctly flagged to prevent the VPN throttling. As I've said, I have no other speed issues outside of the VPN and the VPN works at full speed on every other ISP/wifi access point I've tried.


    Can someone from T-Mobile verify that One+ International is properly set up to not throttle VPN (specifically ipsec)?

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