Text messages I send are being split into small text, seems like to just Verizon phones.


    I have a T-Mobile Note 9 for personal and a Galaxy S9 Verizon for work.


    Short Version : This issue is in the default messaging app on Android. Use a different messaging app like Textra and messages send and receive fine. 


    Long Version: Here is the issue I had, about 3 weeks ago, my Verizon phone started receiving messages from people that were split into small messages, numbered and often out of order.  I was really confused because it came from people on the lesser known networks like Metro PCS.  It is highly annoying.


    Yesterday, I bought a Note 9 and started a T-Mobile account.  Instantly, everyone I text was saying my messages were coming through in a jumbled mess. Android and iPhone users both complained. The messages were just the same as my other phone.  I sent a long message between my two phones and the Verizon one received it in pieces, but sent it as a whole message with no paragraphs. (Confusing) 


    Like everyone who is reading this, you start searching and find no real answers--at least easily.  The best I saw was essentially, it's a network issue that won't be fixed for a while so you better get used to it.  Google was no help and neither were either of the cell companies.  It came down to, we can tell our people and see what they find or you can bring it in. 


    Answer: Use a different messaging app.  I used a few messaging apps to test and found I preferred Textra over the other ones I tried.  I tested it with a few people on Verizon, both Android and iPhone users--and the alternate messaging apps work fine. So my hunch is that it's not the network, but an update that messed up the default messaging app. 

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