I don't understand why I don't get full credit for 2018 Device on Us promotion


    I switched my two lines from Verizon about a year ago. One line was iPhone X (my wife's one) and the other was Note 8 (mine). At the time, only my wife's phone was eligible for #GetOutoftheRed promotion and I chose 2018 November Device on Us promotion for my Note 8. So, I traded in my Note 8 for a new Note 9 and paid off the remaining cost (Note 9 price - $750 promotion credit). Since #GetOutoftheRed could not be processed online, we also visited a nearby T-mobile store. At the time, the person in the store was not familiar with #GetOutoftheRed and we needed to make a couple of phone calls to T-mobile customer service to make it work. Anyway, I got my new Note 9 delivered and we received $650 credit for #GetOutoftheRed promotion for my wife's line (we thought so at the time) later and everything looked OK.

    However, I got charged about $22 more every month and I made a few more phone calls and wasted hours to resolve the issue. Every time each customer rep said differently on why I'm being charged more, but in the end, they told me the issue would be resolved but may take a few more billing cycles. However, the over charge continued and I made another call around May. The T-mobile expert was so kind and she assured that my issue was completely resolved and I could see a correct bill in a few more billing cycles. She even told me she would give me a call in a month. Although I didn't get the call, I thought she was probably busy.

    However, the over charge continued and I made a call last Thursday. The customer rep told me I'm not eligible for the Device on Us promotion because I cannot get two promotions on one account. I explained that #GetOutoftheRed is for my wife's phone and the Device on Us is for my phone but she told me the Device on Us promotion is not eligible if any line in one account received #GetOutoftheRed promotion. I thought it's so weird and needed to talk to her manager. The manager next day called me and explained I applied both #GetOutoftheRed and the Device on Us to my line and that's why I cannot get the Device on Us promotion. I told him that I applied each promotion to each line and the reason why you see the two promotions on my line is probably because the initial T-mobile person at the store made a mistake. However, he told me when I signed that I received the $650 #GetOutoftheRed credit, it implied that I fully accept the decision by T-mobile and don't argue further. According to him, because the document I signed contains my line number on it, I should have called T-mobile first if I didn't agree on the decision. However, I don't remember if my number was on it or not and even though my number was on it, I thought it would be OK because I'm the account owner. Also, #GetOutoftheRed promotion was not eligible for Note 8 at the time of my switch from Verizon. The manager insisted that Note 8 was eligible for #GetOutoftheRed last November but I remember that it was not eligible because I preferred to have #GetOutoftheRed for both lines because my Note 8 was less than a year old and like new. If I applied both promotions to my line, as the manager says, why didn't I apply for #GetOutoftheRed promotion to my wife's line? I'm not that stupid.

    The manager also told me T-mobile gave me device credit for my Note 8 (~$170) and courtesy credit (~$190). However, I thought they are part of $750 and I thought I received them because $750 is being delayed. In my last call in May, the T-mobile expert told me I would get the remaining credit ($750 minus ~$380).

    I don't understand why I cannot receive the full $750 credit due to T-mobile's mistakes. I called many times and clearly explained what I tried to do (#GetOutoftheRed on my wife's line and Device on us on my line) and nobody with common sense would think I tried to get both promotions solely on my line. The manager told me my case is now closed and cannot be fixed but I want more responsible decision by T-mobile.