WTD:Warehouse lost my returned phone that was wrong order


    I ordered two 11 pro max and ONE came as regular pro. I returned the 11 pro right away to order the new 11 pro max. So I didnt even use the new 11 pro, not even activate or connect it to any wifi just mailing it back to T-mobile for return. UPS says delivered on the 10th of October. T-mobile post Remorse Return Received on the 22nd; however, no imei attached to that note nor email regarding it. I had been calling t-mobile since I return the phone to process that return. Today T-mobile just told me that they could not find the phone and I have to pay for the phone. This is so wrong. Now I have to file a small claim in court to take my money back for a phone i don't even have. In addition, T-mobile had looked at that imei and it is not activated anywhere as well, meaning the phone is not used by ANYONE right now. T-mobile just cant find it to process my return. Now I have to go get my money back and say goodbye to my 11 years of t mobile and maybe switch to sprint. I really just want this to be over already it has been a month. Returning a device should not be this hard when UPS has delivered and warehouse had posted a received. At least, give me some sort of information that a box was damaged so UPS can be blamed of, or maybe wrong phone inside a box, but nothing, they just cannot get it processed without imei scanned and no where to find the box nor the package even tho the warehouse had a box to work with when they post a received on 10/22 and would not credit my return.

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