T-Mobile states phone is locked. It isn't


    I purchased the iPhone 8 Plus in 2017 with AT&T. I paid of the phone requested an unlock and switched to T-Mobile in February. I was using the phone until last month when I upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro. I sold the phone and the person I sold it to took it into the T-Mobile store and they are saying it is locked to AT&T. Except I have been using it for months on T-Mobile. They requested and unlock through AT&T and are still having issues. It may have not been long enough but also it wasn't locked. I don't understand how there could be an issue. I did take the SIM out of it and put it in my new phone. Just as a precaution I activated my phone to the SIM that came with it last night. Just in case that somehow effected it. What I don't understand is why it's not working with T-Mobile when it was on T-Mobile. I had 0 issues after the unlock and transition. Thank you!

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