S8 Active Hot Spot unusable after Pie 9.0 Update.


    After the update to Android 9.0 Pie, the Hot Spot is essentially useless. Speed Test via Google's test page went from 20 - 35 Mbps on Android 8.0 to under 1Mbps when using 9.0 Pie. This could be by design, but I am hopeful that T-Mobile would not reward customer loyalty with such a horrible decrease in speed.


    By they way, if I use a tethering application that uses a USB cable, my speed test results are 34.9Mbps Down, 13.2Mbps Up.


    After running the test cabled via USB, the Hot Spot results in 0.69Mbps Down, 0.50Mbps Up. That is what I mean by horrible. Fix this T-Mobile!

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