Need 700mhz Duo+ signal booster


    I've been a T-mobile customer for over 10 years and have thus far been happy with the service/cost. However, I have only 700mhz coverage at my rural secondary residence and no home internet available . A while back I was sent the old Duo D33-24U which does nothing as the 1900-2100 MHZ does not reach my area. My phones which are  also T-mobile's band 12 (700mhz) get 1-2 bars at closest window, but nothing else in the rest of the house. I do not have internet available to use streaming for calls etc. When I called support, I was switched to non-US support which seemed to have no idea about signal boosters. They told me the units are no longer offered through T-mobile. When I pointed out the T-mobile page saying otherwise, I was then told they were out of stock and that I'd be put on a waiting list. When I asked for the model#, the tech could not supply it and the name of the unit was not similar to what I see listed on the T-Mobile Signal Booster pages. He kept pushing the internet solutions though I repeatedly told him that I do not have internet available. How can I get the correct device? I need to get coverage at my secondary residence. If that means I need to buy a third party device to work with T-mobile or switch to Verizon, I'm okay with it, I just need to know whether the 700mhz device from T-Mobile is available. From the other posts I understand the new model# to be D32-21266. Thank you.

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        What about Wi-Fi calling? That may be another option worth exploring if the booster isn't available.

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          I'm sorry you haven't had any luck getting answers on the proper signal booster you need. We've chatted about it a lot here on the Support Community because users weren't receiving the Signal Booster DUO, but instead just the regular signal booster. From doing some digging, the 700 MHz isn't in stock and we don't have any info on when they'll be available. As far as a wait list goes, I'm not aware that we have one. You have the correct model number listed at the end of your post, but again, we don't know when they'll be restocked. From what I understand, you can only qualify for this booster if you're in an area that only supports 700 MHz and not other bands like 1900/2100 MHz.