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    Hey, T-Mobile Support Community! Back to School season is in full swing! The air is full of the scent of freshly cracked textbooks and pencil shavings, and the level of excitement for the first day of school is rivaled only by the excitement for the last day of school. Or maybe field trip day -- who doesn't love a field trip?


    To get in the Back-to-School spirit, we want to hear your best school memories. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a "Back to School" memory – share any memory related to school. If you’re a parent, you can tell us who cried more -- you or the kiddo -- when you dropped them off on the first day. Were you an All Star QB who made the winning TD for the last game of the season? Did you have a favorite teacher, who really helped you become who you are today? We want to hear all the stories!


    Up for grabs, we have one Magenta-fied "Back to School" kit to award.  The Support Community Managers will review every story shared and select our favorite to win.

    Here’s how it works:

    Starting today, 8/28/2019, through 9/6/2019, post your favorite school memory in the comment section below. This story can be about anything related to school, PreK through College. 


    How to play:

    1. Post your favorite school memory in the comments below
    2. Come back to the thread 9/9/2019 to see if you’re the winner



    2. Open to 18+ in US/DC/PR.
    3. We must receive your school memory post by 11:59:59 PM PST 9/6/2019 to qualify. Limit one submission per person.
    4. Keep the memory family friendly. We were all kids once – and some of us might still be young at heart.
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      • iamthegoblins

        Re: Back to School Story Search

        My first day of second grade was my little brothers first day of kindergarten. My parents taught me and my brothers to always stick together and protect each other. I was so worried about my brother, I demanded my teacher let me go check on him, she denied my request, and I pushed the issue until I got into trouble. My mom was so proud of me, and my little brother wasn't scared going to school the next day. It's one of my proudest moments, because although I was young, I already knew what was the most important thing in life. Family.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Back to School Story Search

            As a mom to two little boys, I can totally see why your mom was proud! I would be, too.

              • countryclover35

                Re: Back to School Story Search

                   I remember all through out from my early school years all the way up into 10th grade being an incredible struggle for me, and I eventually dropped out got married and would eventually divorce. But I had two children at the  time I wanted to set a better example for, and a dream of a life time sense I was 16yrs old. Even though showing my children no matter what or how hard things can get. Never ever give up on yourself or your dreams, became a dream for me and of mine in itself.

                    Well I had determination to make sure that no matter what, at least one of the two were going to happen. My life long dream for myself could be put on hold if my dream for my children would show true.

                  I signed up for a 6 month GED program and graduated from it in just two weeks, from there I looked at what would be sensible and logical at the time to be able to bring a good income in to take care of my family and was now separated from my two children's father and expecting my third child. Things were rough and college was put on the back burner for the time being. After almost 3yrs I enrolled for my CMA(Clinical Medical Assistant) I ran into a little hiccup with finding somewhere to do my clinical hours in Colorado, so had but luckily found a hospital in Los Cruses NM. I  graduated. But my two oldest children were still in Colorado with their father.

                   Upon moving back after graduation things were not going anywhere and getting harder by the minute. First I pretty much just went into debt for a degree I couldn't even get a job in. Colorado requires 180 before you can be hired in the medical field anywhere. I was fresh out of school. Now what?

                   Not going to give up! My ex-husband and some old flame he had an older child with before me had vanished with my son and daughter not two years later and I was beyond struggling to find any and every way to make money to provide for my younger daughter while going back to school.

                    This time for the dream I have to this day wanted..... I l didn't get through my first semester my world fell apart completely. My determination to make my dreams come true and prove to my children and make it through school with the right person to stand by my side as support is all it took. 

                  My best memory is all of those they gave me strength to get me here I'm making both dreams come true at the same time as I have been attending college now sense September of last year for my Batchelors in Science Ats Business Administration In Automotive Dealership Management, and from graduating there will will return to finish the unfinished start to getting my Associates as a Master Automotive Mechanic Technicians. Lastly open my own business. Now, right now and all I am learning in college and the the world it's opening for me. Right now is my best memory of school.

              • magenta9826357

                Re: Back to School Story Search


              • jasonjohnsonsr.

                Re: Back to School Story Search

                When I 1st drop my daughter off at school I sat there for so long cry didn't leave I just couldn't believe that she was finally stone school now that she's in junior high school S email more bewildering Because she's going up turning into a beautiful young lady and I am so proud

                • magenta2805851

                  Re: Back to School Story Search

                  My first day of high school was the most stressful day for me. I woke up soaked in my own sweat & stomach in a knot. "What if the kids didn't like me, what if my teachers didn't like me, omg what if I got lost changing classes!" All sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I simply wasn't ready. "I am only 14, I was still a baby" I thought. I wasn't prepared at all, I mean I still slept in the bed with my mommy sometimes for goodness sake. As I began getting dressed, my brain went into overdrive. I asked my mom could I stay home and she chuckled replying that it was normal to be nervous. She's normally right but I beyond nervous, I was scared.


                  The drive to school was so fast. I began to cry and whine, telling my mom that I couldn't go in. I could tell she was trying to hold in her laughter. She promised me that everything would be just fine, After begging to go back home, I settled with her walking me to my homeroom class. I held onto my moms arm as we got lost in a sea of high school kids. As we approached my class, my heart felt as if it was going to pound out my chest. My mom dropped me off to class and a lump formed in my throat as she waved goodbye.


                  When I got home from school, my mom was anxious to hear about my day. Long story short, my day wasn't bad at all. I saw some old friends and made some new friends. My teachers were very friendly and switching class wasn't as hard as I imagined it to be. My mom laughed and said "All that commotion for nothing huh, you really know how to give yourself a headache lol"  I've learned to not assume the worst in things, especially when I haven't even experienced it yet. Positive thoughts and vibes is always best!

                  • shadowhunterprincess

                    Re: Back to School Story Search

                    This might just be my favourite memory because it's so recent, but I just finished my Neuro II block in med school.  My first year was a struggle with mediocre grades while I was also trying to overcome some recent onset autoimmune symptoms that overall made last year potentially the worst year of my life.  I had spent the year before med school started pre-studying (even though that's discouraged) but didn't see the payoff because of the curriculum structure in the first year.  So this most recent block-- after I've finally seen a rheumatologist who's addressing my pain, too-- was a major victory and helped boost my morale all over again by showing that my hard work had paid off.  The average on the first test was a 74, and I got an 81, and our final test had an average of 79, and I got an 89.  Although this is a very goal-oriented positive memory, it also helped rejuvenate my belief in my ability to accomplish the dreams I've had since I was 16, compounded by my ability to really buckle down now that I don't have my concern about being untreated distracting me all the time.  This marked a big turn around for me, so it's been a big source of happiness.

                    • magenta9826357

                      Re: Back to School Story Search


                      I am 36 years old and I am a college ctudent. I am a new immigrant and I love American education, it is very convenient and expediently organized, so when I was pregnant with my fourth child, I attended classes with complete convenience right until the birth of the child.

                      It was like that. My English class last year was 2 times a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. So, on Thursday afternoon I was in the usual way in the classroom with a huge pregnant belly, on Thursday evening I went to the hospital, and at night I had a baby. On Friday morning, I was already a happy mom of four children, I spent the weekend in the hospital (by the way, I had a laptop in the room and I completed the course assignment on the History of Art, because Monday was deadline). On Monday, I was already at home, organized household chores, celebrated the addition in the family, and on Tuesday, as you might imagine, I went to an English class! My newborn baby stayed under the care of dad. So, my classmates saw me pregnant at the last day, and non-pregnant at this day. It was fun! I was a little late for the lesson and came in when everyone was already sitting and listening to the professor. I apologized and sat down too. A slight whisper rolled through the class. Classmates could not believe their eyes and tried to guess what happened. Maybe it's not me who came to class? Where is my pregnancy? If it is over, then why am I in class? A lot of questions! And of course, great surprise, even shock. But it was like this: without missing a single class, I gave birth to a child and managed to do my homework. Of course, the lesson was interrupted and everyone began to congratulate me. The professor gave me an extra point.

                      I really like to remember those days, because they were filled not only with caring for the baby, but also with student life! Back to school, moms!

                      • coffeeforlife05

                        Re: Back to School Story Search

                        My favorite school memory for myself is high school, and being involved in the musical and theatre program. We had a hand held recorder (for literal children) that would record on actual tapes. So we went around and interviewed the "actors", the tech team, the teacher or "director" we also made hilarious commentary, updated the gossip on the gossip tape and just had a blast. Now that I am older, my son started Pre-K today and that is my new favorite school memory!

                        • magenta272727

                          Re: Back to School Story Search

                          My favorite school memory was taking a Field trip in elementary school to Fort McHenry. Sooooo much cool history, got to tour the grounds and see all the historic artifacts. Letters from soldiers To their families, old uniforms and beds, everything was so well preserved

                          • magenta9854214

                            Re: Back to School Story Search

                            My favorite school memory was helping my teacher play the piano for a concert in 4th grade and getting to sit next to her and turn the music book pages.

                            • hiroshima

                              Re: Back to School Story Search

                              I was always a guy who did not have any friends to eat during lunch, in high school. It was a big school with about a thousand students from 9th grade to 12th grade. The way the lunch schedule is made up, I never got the see the friends in my classes. At least, that gave everyone a good excuse to not sit with me and eat.


                              One day, there was blond girl that ran her car into my car in the parking lot. I almost lost control of the car, but we were lucky. My car still rolled, and her car still rolled. From the rear view mirror, I could not see any damage on her car. I guess she did not see any damage on my car, either because she just waved me to go. So, I did. I got home and checked my car. She seem to have hit my rear tire and nothing else, so, there was no real damage, but my tire cap was gone.


                              Few days later, she came and sat right in front of me during lunch while no one else would. She introduced herself, "Hi, I am Kimberly. Can I sit here?" "Sure, I'm Richard." We sat, looked at each other and knew that we liked each other, very much.


                              So, the epic friendship began with high school lunch. We sat together, just about every day. She would even sit in front of me with her pore open. She did not even bother to put a band aid on it. Even with a gigantic pore on her face, which I couldn't help but notice, she was beautiful...

                              • dtrzippy

                                Re: Back to School Story Search

                                So it was two months into my first year of teaching, and I was trying so hard to convince myself and the students I knew what I was doing and should be taken seriously. After another night of little sleep, I woke up to the alarm and was in full morning rush to shower, get dressed and get to school in time to pretend I was prepared for the day. I pulled what was either my last pair of clean dress pants or maybe it was just because of the time and I found myself staring at a bleach stain right on the back of my trousers. This was my first job after school and I literally was spending every minute trying to keep my head a float so the first idea that came to me was to grab a black sharpie and cover over the bleach stain. Then off to school to take it till I made it.

                                Two periods into the day I was starting to relax, usually you worked the worst kinks out and had some better additions as the day went on and I had managed to put the laundry incident out of my mind. After explain the lesson at the board, I turned around to ask the class if they had any questions. A girl about two rows back raised her hand and said, "Mr. did you try to color over a bleach stain on your pants?" Honesty I don't remember what came out of my mouth, or if I was even able to get something out past the shock of "I just got called out..." I mean later on ideas like why are you looking at my backside, the lesson is over here, or come on, how much do you think we teachers get paid, or, sure, do you have a just trying to convince someone to do my laundry, but one thing I know for sure, I'm not wearing bleached stained pants out anymore and it's a school memory I doubt I'll be able to forget.

                                  • tmo_chris

                                    Re: Back to School Story Search

                                    Hey folks! The time has come to pick a winner   I wanted to start off by thanking each and every one of you for taking the time out of your days to share your Back to School memories. The Community Manager team and I enjoyed reading everyone’s submissions! We laughed, we cried, and we reminisced with some of our own school time memories. After much deliberation, the winner we have chosen is dtrzippy with his bleached pants mishap! Thanks for sharing this memory with us! Please keep an eye on your private messages for a message from me as I will need to collect some additional information from you to get you your prizes!

                                  • smplyunprdctble

                                    Re: Back to School Story Search

                                    My favorite story from high school involves moving.  My junior year (or as I affectionately call it, "my first senior year" -- but, that's a less interesting story) started in a new state.  Parents were divorcing and I wound up in Massachusetts.


                                    I knew NOBODY when I first entered those doors.  I don't even remember what I did my first day at lunch.  But, my second day was where it all began.


                                    As I was deciding where I was going to try to sit, I was invited to a table of already established friends.  One or two of them recognized me from french class.  They did the courteous thing like you see in TV shows of inviting the new kid.  We started talking and getting to know each other.  Their first comment was about accents.  Of course, they asked if I thought they talked with an accent and I said I was accustomed to the way people in Western Mass talked because I had family there and visited a handful of summers before.


                                    Then they asked where my accent was from.  I said, "South Carolina".


                                    Jessi said "No way! I used to live in South Carolina!  What part?"




                                    "No way!  I used to live in Sumter!"


                                    This was way too weird for me.  So, I asked, "What part?"


                                    She replied, "Off Bethel Church Rd."


                                    That's where I was floored.  That was like 5 minutes from where I grew up.  After some conversations, I learned she moved back to MA just before kindergarten started, otherwise, we would have been in the same classes there.


                                    You may think the story with her ends there, but, it gets even better.  In french class, we had a great rivalry.  And interesting pairing.  She sat behind me, and when we would take tests, we'd get the same questions wrong the same way.  The teacher accused us of cheating, so she split us up during tests on opposite sides of the room.  Still the same questions wrong the same way.  She thought we were studying together, and we both, at the same time said, "studying? phsaw!"  She eventually gave us a test in two different rooms at the same time.  Same result.  She could not explain it.  We joked we share a brain.


                                    Our rivalry in french class expanded in our grades.  They were virtually identical, however, occasionally I'd get a slightly higher score or she'd get a slightly higher score.  The first three quarters, I beat her on report cards by one point.  The end of the year, the teacher is showing us our grades individually, and Jessi comes back with a smug look on her face.  "HAH!  Beat that!  I got a 99!"


                                    I go look at my grade.  I sit down without saying a word.  "I told you that you wouldn't beat me!  She doesn't give out 100s on report cards!", she said.


                                    I grinned.  She paused.  Stared at me.  And yelled at the teacher, "You don't give 100s on report cards!  How did you give him a 100?"


                                    "I had to.  He had a 101 average," she said.


                                    Two points!  I genuinely beat her by two points!




                                    Bonus story:

                                    I called that my "first senior year" because I was in many classes with seniors (due to the way AP worked in SC, but, they didn't really have in that school district in MA).  Seniors got out a month earlier than the rest of school, so I ruined a couple teachers's schedule when they thought they'd have free periods.  I basically brought a walkman and sat through it reading whatever I wanted for the period (there was no curriculum for the month because this was new territory).  But, this also meant most of the people I knew from classes graduated. 


                                    My "second senior year", I was in classes with completely new people (e.g. I felt like the new kid all over again).  I also learned I needed ONE CREDIT to graduate.  Everyone asked me what period I had English, and I told them "I don't need English to graduate... I need a social science ELECTIVE."  This also meant I didn't get all the "you need to do this as you prep for college" meetings in English class I got a year earlier, so it was a challenge keeping up with the news to make sure I got in on deadlines.


                                    Had we moved to MA one year earlier, I could have had enough credits at the end of my junior year to graduate.  I don't know if I would have done that (I was already the youngest in my class due to birthday cut-offs in different states).  I like to imagine what-if sometimes.

                                    • magenta7160793

                                      Re: Back to School Story Search

                                      I was the secretary for the FFA and I remember riding on my pigs back all throughout the fair trying to get this pig to stop running away from m . It was totally embarrassing and some of the teachers were rude and said well it looks like her school isn't doing too good this year but now that I look back it was something I will never forgot