Official Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pre-order & Discussion Thread


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    The rumors are true: the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are headed our way on August 23rd, and we know you might have a few questions!


    Starting this evening, August 7th at 9 PM PST, pre-orders for these amazing new Samsung phones will begin. You can find some helpful details in our blog and FAQ page-- but if you have more questions, concerns, or random musings to share, this thread is for you! Your friendly neighborhood Support Community Managers will be monitoring and answering questions related, but not limited to:


    • Shipping
    • Ordering and pre-ordering
    • Release dates


    We'd love to address any concerns about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, so ask away!

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      • magenta9561696

        What would be the JOD for the 10+?

        • cliffsevoviii

          Hello Folks!!

          Okay where to start...I called for the Pre-Order Note 10+ 11pm cst all was okay until processing, because 20 min later after being placed on hold multiple times, because the agent was very hard to understand, did not have correct info,and instead of saying please hold i was told "wait for it" who says that to a customer? Anywho after 20 min she tells me i cant upgrade because i am making payments on the phone!?! uhhmmm yes its called a lease, and i have Jump on demand with a perfect account regarding payment, and you tell me i cant upgrade?  I went through the same mess with the iphone pre order, so here we go again. 1HR  has passed, and it is now 12:01am cst and still nothing, she wants me to add another line to get the device!!! This is insane!!  I ask why this is , and she says "wait for it" and places me on hold for 5-7 min and returns with nothing but "I don't Know"  Really!!  1hr on the phone and nothing....i just disconnected. 12:30 am i jump on the chat feature, plead my case to "Kenneth" who advised i am eligible  to upgrade and my account is outstanding!!  All great i on chat for another 45 min verify all info, give phone info i am trading in, and new phone details. Agent sends over the agreement, i pay the deposit, and overnight shipping charge ..get confirmation...then of course he comes back and says i am sorry sir we are having issues with the system, and i may have to call you tomorrow and start over..What in the world!! so there you go...2hrs on the phone and ends with nothing. I went through this same nightmare with the Iphone xs max order...charged twice and phone was delayed 2 weeks after official launch. I understand it just a phone , I am a 43yr old adult with a ton of patience, but this customer service is terrible especially after hrs assistance!! Total waste of time to END WITH NOTHING! I Know my rant means nothing to a big company ,but i just feel like you guys should know what goes on after hrs...i was told last year "we are working on new staff for these reasons" well it still the same....Customers in my opinion need better treatment.

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            • tmo_amanda

              Yikes, cliffsevoviii, last night doesn't sound like it turned out as expected. From what you wrote, I see a decent amount of areas that need improvement. This should've been less than a 15 minute call. Kudos to you for your patience -- I don't know if I would've been able to stick with ordering the phone for 2+ hours.  There are always learning opportunities from a device launch, but having it take extra long two years in a row isn't acceptable, and for that I'm truly sorry.


              Have you heard any updates about your order so far today?

            • clphem

              In the Samsung Pay app today, there's a rewards hunt for 2,000 points for visiting a T-Mobile store. Also on that page, it says if you pre-order a Note 10 you get one free via prepaid Mastercard. Any info on that? It seems your "experts" don't know anything about it and keep telling me there's a bogo promotion on the 23rd which is when the phone is released which then would no longer be a pre-order. This promotion clearly says if you pre-order, you get one free. In the fine print it says you'll get a prepaid mastercard in 6-8 weeks and doesn't say anything about adding a line. I'd like to get clarification on this please.

                • terracotta333




                  Here' the detail for the promotion  2019 Samsung Launch Buy 2 and Save...

                  Beginning on August 23, 2019 in all markets, customers can buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+ device on EIP, and activate a new voice line(s) on a T-Mobile ONE w/ ONE Plus Family or Magenta Plus rate plan, and get a Samsung Galaxy Note10 for free (a $950 value) or  $950 off another Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (via monthly bill credits). To qualify, new customers must activate two new voice lines and existing customers must activate one new voice line on a T-Mobile ONE w/ ONE Plus Family or Magenta Plus rate plan..


                  Hope it Helps and Goodluck , Looking forward on your upgarde =)




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                • yeahbuddy2575

                  I know Samsung and T Mobile are planning to get us the 5G version out by Q4 so around October-November. So my question or concern is, is the BOGO sale for the Note 10 + going to include the 5G version when it comes out? or is the sale still going to be around?

                  • edso

                    Kind of a rip-off by T-Mobile to require the plus plans now to get a discount. Noticed the same game with the IPhone XR promo currently running. So if I am satisfied with the regular “non-plus” plan it seems I am out for future deals from T-Mobile. Roughly I would pay an extra $50 -$70 a month for two years to get $950 back? Is this to help pay for the merger with Sprint?

                    • edso

                      Wasn’t talking about older vs new Plans. The only way to get a discount that has some significance is to be on T-Mobile plus “premium” plans (most expensive). This is a recent change  - unless you can show me otherwise - and will begin to alienate the largest percentage of your post-paid subscribers.

                      • airsushi

                        Hi All


                        I was just curious what everyone thought.  What do you think the earliest shipping date will be for the Galaxy Note 10/10+?  In the past both Samsung and T-Mobile have a history shipping the pre-orders early. 


                        I know there is no guarantee and that some of the shipping dates have already slipped to for the Aura Glow and Aura Blue but my date is still set for Aug 23rd for the 512 Aura Black version. 

                        • magenta9635029

                          Is There any truth to the rumor that Pre orders of certain colors of the Note 10 plus wont be shipped out till the 30th? Tech times posted that 2 days ago.

                          • magentaseargent

                            Sooo... What are the chances TMo starts shipping before the 23rd? Has anyone received their Note 10 yet or been notified that theirs has shipped? I'm just being impatient I know. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

                            • syaoran

                              I think Samsung goofed with the Note 10.  Thee is no hole for a headphone jack but yet they put a hole in the screen for the camera.  Those are two opposites of what heavily influence me buying a mobile device.  I owned a Note 8, two S9 Plus, and a Note 9, but didn't bother with the S10's and I will not be buying a Note 10.  That 3.5mm headphone jack hole is almost as  important as a hole/notch-free display is. 

                                • cliffsevoviii

                                       To me it's not the end of the world, but i am tired of all the "headphone jack " comments, it's getting old already. If you don't like the phone, simple don't buy it or cry about it , because Samsung will sell millions of them if you like it or dislike it. I am not trying to be rude in any way at all, but all over the web,youtube,and almost everywhere you see headlines about the device, someone is crying about the jack missing!!....."im not buying it because the jack is gone", " Samsung used to be great, but no headphone jack no deal", at the end of the day they could care less about our rants....Just saying  why comment, if you know it's already missing the jack from the start? Move on to a different phone, simple as that.

                                    • syaoran

                                      Who's crying about it?  I won't be buying it because it has a hole in the screen.  I bought a OnePlus 7 Pro that doesn't have a headphone jack.  I was simply stating why I personally wouldn't be buying the Note 10 and why I didn't buy one of the S10's.


                                      People's tastes differ and there is no single device that has everything for everyone.  Selling millions of devices is one thing but Samsung is losing their hold on the cellphone world.  I am not brand loyal and you might not care if there is or isn't a hole, notch, or headphone jack on the device, but others will.  Everyone has their own opinions, preferences, wants and uses their devices in their own ways.  My personal opinions are no more or less important than any other potential consumers.

                                    • cliffsevoviii

                                      It will be delayed.....all new pre-releases are delayed and can't meet the high demand. I have stopped being excited a looooong time ago lol, because i have learned that once your money is gone, you are at the mercy of the selling company at that point. I pre- ordered the iphone xs max  last year on pre order day, and didn't get my device till 2 weeks after the official retail drop!! my wife walked in the store on release day and had hers, and i was still waiting... upsetting sure ,but what can you do?  lol

                                    • cliffsevoviii

                                      lol since nobody wants to say this , I will lol......we will probably see out phones in September!! The shipping times have a lot to do with what color you ordered, so if you ordered the Aura Glow the you most likely will get it in September, because of the most demanded color, and the newest color option= high demand=long wait!! sad but true! Black&white are shipping out on time that i know of. Pre-orders from Samsung directly will ship first, then all the cellular stores will get the leftovers, or second shipments. So if you ordered from a carrier let the wait begin have a good one folks!

                                      • cliffsevoviii

                                        Well here is a little proof ...sprint folks at getting tracking and shipping notifications..looks like Sprint folks will get them out early... mine still says estimated shipping of the 23rd nothing more   ♂️ A0362097-51F7-4DB5-A3BD-4D4198A67FC4.jpeg