iPhone Hotspot connects devices to different Tmobile server than the phone is on


    My iphone 8 plus is connected to the Tmobile Detroit server correctly like it should be.

    But when I tether my ipad and pc's to the hotspot on the iphone they all get connected to the same

    but different ip address on the Tmobile Chicago server and not the Detroit server.

    The iphone still stays connected to the Detroit server.

    I get the best connection and lowest latency from the Detroit server because I live in Kalamazoo.

    But my tethered devices lag badly connected to the Chicago server and it ruins my online gaming.

    This problem started about 2 - 3 weeks ago.

    I don't know if Apple changed something in OS that effects the hotspot connection or

    if TMobile has done something on their end that is messing it up.

    Help Please,  thanks.

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