Google app no longer working correctly on LG v40


    For some reason, the Google search app is no longer displaying correctly. It's like the search results are "visually" truncated after 1 1/2 screens of information.


    For example, I searched for "blueberries" in the widget. Google app opens up and displays the first page normally but when you scroll down, it stops. You can see from the screenshot below that everything stops after I think something happened with the Pie update. I have tried the following:


    1. Cleared Google app cache and data.
    2. Cleared entire phone cache.
    3. Uninstalled Google app updates.
    4. Reinstalled Google app.
    5. Checked and rechecked app settings.


    This happens whether I am on wi-fi or mobile data. It also happens if I start the search from the Google app itself rather than the widget.


    If I search from the Chrome app in the URL bar, Chrome displays all the expected search results correctly.


    Any thoughts?



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