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    Recently returned (home booster- for better phone  service) 7/12/2019. We  never Used or taken out of box! Had a $25.00 deposit - that was suppose to be credited to this account? Just got my bill - no credit posted - Thank you guys

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      • terracotta333

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        Thank you so much for this inquiry, i could help you on this. was it returned via mail? or at the same store where you purchased the device?

        based on my experienced normally the credit towards the coverage device will be automatically applied after 2 billing cycle or once the device

        has been recieved at t-mobile warehouse.


        i hope these would help you for now.

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Credit $25.00

          Good morning, holyspirt3 and welcome to our Support Community! Once the device has been checked into our warehouse and inspected or 30 days after the return was initiated (whichever comes first), your $25 deposit will be released.

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