magenta5827174 page is not opening.

    Is there a problem with the web site? Is this option temporally down?

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        Re: usage

        There is already another thread with this topic (Usage Overview loads endlessly ). There is also one regarding same issue occurring when trying to access billing info. Most effected have had this issue for about 4 or so days, including me. In that other thread, there was a support person who made a post and has not re-posted anything; very frustrating. I had contacted support via messaging and they said issue is known and effects a smaller number of accounts and is being "worked on". (Who knows what that means?). I hope other support people will chime in and help us and give an ETA.


        -- jer

          • magenta5827174

            Re: usage

            I was wondering if this issue may be because the current usage is only a few days into the monthly plan dates. IE my plan goes from about Jul 14th thru Aug 13. so the current usage is only for a few days.

            Of course seems I have accessed it before when only a few days into the plan, so may not be the issue at all. Just a frequent reoccurring problem.