Unlocking T-Mo phone: I have the PAYG - Legacy plan


    Hi, everyone. I have T-Mobile's prepaid Pay As You Go - Legacy plan. I pay just $10 plus fees and sales tax once a year to keep my account active. I don't use this line much so I never have to replenish my balance. I just bought a Coolpad Snap from prepaid.t-mobile.com to use on this account/plan. I didn't sign up for a prepaid plan when I bought the phone so I paid the higher price shown on the website ($90 vs. $75, IIRC).


    According to the T-Mobile Support document Unlock your mobile wireless device, a device on a prepaid account must have been active on the account for at least one year or the prepaid account using the device must have more than $100 in refills since device first use date. Do these requirements hold for PAYG - Legacy accounts? Or for a phone that was bought at what appears to be an unsubsidized price? I know I won't find a plan from another carrier as dirt cheap as my PAYG - Legacy plan, but who knows, something unexpected may happen in my life and I'll want to unlock this phone.


    Thanks in advance.

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