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    So when you(Tmobile) met with Donald Trump, was it about the merger with Sprint? Was it to give your customers information to them? I received a text and call from the Republican National Committee asking me stuff about Trump. How did they get my number? I have never registered as a Republican. I am a democrat. Real fishy that you want this merger, how much brown nosing and privacy policies are you willing to give Trump to get your merger done? Very upset that my phone is being used by people I never gave it to. I watch everything I signup for or give my info to when I am on the net. Very protective about my privacy. I hope it was some fluke because if it was not, you will lose a loyal customer because I am not supporting Donald Trump in any way shape or form.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Just wanna know?

        I'll have to thing about this one (said while adjusting tin-foil hat.)

        Remember that 1) phone numbers are often recycled and 2) you're on more lists than you even suspect.

        • tidbits

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          All cell phone numbers are public since a LONG time ago.  RNC can even get your number because you are a registered voter, and both sides can use your voter information if they choose to in most states. 

          • syaoran

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            Block the number!  That is what I do when I get calls from democratic candidates thinking they will get my vote just because I live close enough to DC.     No one gets my vote unless they earn it, regardless of the party!  The best person serving my local area will always get my vote .


            I personally think the T-Mobile-Sprint merger is good for all of us.  Boost will be sold to either Dish or Amazon (hopefully Amazon) to create another carrier to compete with the big 3 left.  I feel azon can best deliver that competition. 

              • gramps28

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                I usually don't answer a call if the number isn't in my contact list and if they don't leave

                a message , I block them but since I moved to a different state , I'll answer calls from the Phoenix

                metro area for now.

              • rdub08

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                Around the same time, I started getting calls on my second ljne from Russia. Coincidence? But I do feel somewhat better from your replies.

                  • syaoran

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                    Are either of you on the Do Not Call list?  All of my numbers are.  Then again, that doesn't stop them from calling but it does cut down on the amount of US based spam I don't want calling me.  I wish there was some sort of law for this that basically stated, if I didn't call you asking for some information or for a reason or because I have an account with your company, then you can't call me. 


                    When it comes to political calls, a lot of those come from Facebook data.  I know the only reason I ever got calls from the DNC was because I clicked a Twitter poll asking if I voted for them.  That crap also came with e-mails, which I didn't sign up for or subscribe to.  I don't normally click on stuff like that but have definitely learned from it.  Any ad, any promoted content, and basically everything we do online is data for some company or organization.  As someone who tries to remove every aspect of what the internet tries to mine out of my e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and anything personally identifiable about me.  It is a battle, at least under the current laws, that I can't win. 


                    As someone who has followed the merger quite closely.  John Legere has worked pretty hard to please the FCC and other government regulatory bodies to do this for the better of the two companies.  The condition of selling off Boost and allowing access to the T-Mobile network for the new owners of Boost to provide a competitive service for 6 years after the sale until they get their network up and running is definitely not a bad move.  Competition is good!  Sprint may disappear but Amazon or Dish should bring better competition than what Sprint brought in the wireless industry. 


                    The idea that T-Mobile would give or sell off our info, sounds illegal, and there would be a lot more people getting these calls that would be complaining about it.  I don't know anyone that likes unsolicited calls.