Lg G7 Pie update USB power supply


    After my pie update I cannot use my wireless charger. Every time I put it in the cradle it goes to Power supply mode. When I change the usb option back to charge, it goes right back to power supply. It chages fine through the usb port , but not wirelessly any more

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      • magenta9308931

        Re: Lg G7 Pie update USB power supply

        I haven't had that issue since upgrading but I cannot use my Google Assistant button now.

        • syaoran

          Re: Lg G7 Pie update USB power supply

          That sounds like an unusual bug where the options seems stuck.  As much as this might not be the most attractive option, a factory reset should resolve it.  If it doesn't, then there might be something wrong with the device or an issue with that specific update in relation to your wireless charger being recognized properly.  Have you done a search on your wireless charger recently to see if others are having similar issues?