Huawei P30 Pro Questions


    I'm thinking of buying my first smart phone. Since I have a Mac laptop, the obvious choice was an iPhone. However, I changed my mind when I learned about the awesome camera on the Huawei P30 Pro.


    So, first question: Does T-Mobile support Huawei?


    If so, how much would my monthly bill be if I got an account that allowed me to use my phone as a hotspot for connecting my laptop to the Internet? In other words, I want to be able to use my phone and laptop at the same time.


    For comparison, how much would the same account cost if I opt for an iPhone.


    Finally, do you have any dealers in Seattle that sell Huawei phones or who could at least answer some of my questions about it?


    Thank you.

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      • syaoran

        Re: Huawei P30 Pro Questions

        T-Mobile does not officially support Huawei devices or sell Huawei devices.  This goes for all US carriers.  However, that doesn't mean it doesn't work.  The Canadian firmware version of the P30 Pro is the most out of the box compatible with T-Mobile's network.  However... the situation for Huawei is a little more complicated, being a state run company of the Chinese government.  There is a lot to read up on with this whole situation between the US and other world powers and Huawei.  The short answer is, I would not recommend buying a Huawei device right now.  As a moments notice, Huawei could have their access to US businesses and their products and services removed once again, leaving you with a great device that would end up with no updates and potentially losing Android.  Ultimately, the decision is yours.  Hardware wise, they are great devices.  On the flip side, security concerns and the right to use a lot of what makes that devices great is an uncertain future at this point.

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        • hawkeyewa

          Re: Huawei P30 Pro Questions

          I bought a Huawei phone a couple of years ago. It was by far superior do anything else I had ever used And I typically buy a high-end phone about once a year. The battery life was incredible. The speed was amazing and the camera was good they'll probably not the best. The problem is it would not do Wi-Fi calling. That was not supported in the firmware from T-Mobile and there was nothing I could do to make it work so I reluctantly sent it back because that's something that I require for work