Why are updates on the OnePlus 6T being forced?


    Twice now, that I've noticed, I've had my phone 'shut down' unprompted, only to reboot shortly thereafter, install a system update, and then resume, interrupting whatever task I was doing at the time. (The first time, I was replying to a message or on a voice call, I can't remember exactly, the second time I was using an app). I verified that these are system updates and not some random glitch, because the second time this happened was when my android went to the current "Security Patch" level.

    I have never had a device force an update in the past, and I find the practice unacceptable today, regardless of the time of day it happens. I checked in my settings, and "Automatic Update" is disabled. The standard answer of factory resetting is unacceptable, these updates are obviously being pushed, and it is obviously something baked into the firmware allowing this to happen. Since I specifically read about this the first time it happened, from another customer, and I have not seen similar reports on the OnePlus forums for the non T-Mobile 6T (They could be there, I haven't seen it). If this happens again, I will gladly convert the device to international and stick the Open Beta firmware on to prevent this from happening further, I just think it's crazy that I would have to do this to take control of my updates back. I am all for keeping the device up to date, but I need to be able to control when it happens,


    I debated on even posting the question, it's a bit after the latest incident obviously, but it's been bothering me, and I want to find out why updates are being forced, and to confirm if I will have to convert the phone to international to get this practice to stop. I tried posting the question with my phone, but the mobile page wouldn't let me post this either.




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