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    I am paying for Family Allowance and two teen daughters.  They both have iPhones which I try to restrict access especially in the evening after 9pm.  I don't want them to call or message anyone after a specific time.  I know all about Screen Time and Parental controls which it helps to restrict some things but with limitations. The iOS goes so far to restrict things but doesn't complete restrict things.


    This is where I need to rely on TMO to pick up the slack where iOS falls short on restrictions. I want Family Allowance to help to restrict access so they can't call and send messages including SMS to anyone during a block of time.


    Please explain how I can use FA to my benefit specifically to restrict calls and messages during a block of time?

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      • syaoran

        Re: Call Restriction

        This sounds like something best resolved by having them hand over their phones during those times.  Parental controls can only go so far because of emergency situations.  You wouldn't want one of your daughters to not be able to use their device during that timeframe if an emergency situation appeared.


        T-Mobile's backend isn't capable of restricting calls in the way you want.  Apple could implement that into the OS but they more than likely never will due to liability reasons.  Alternatively, you could buy a cell signal blocker and use that outside of their rooms as a way to ensure they are not calling or texting.  This wouldn't block those functions going over WiFi though but you could also set your wireless home network to turn off during those times, depending on the type of router you are using. 

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        • snn555

          Re: Call Restriction

          ultimately the only way to control a child's cell phone use is to actually have the physical phone in your physical hand. you can put blocks and restrictions on through apps and through cell phone provider features but in the end if you can't trust your own children which is understandable you have to physically take the phone from them.

          • aiharkness

            Re: Call Restriction

            +1 To having the kids hand over the phone.   I would also have them hand over the device unlock password.

            • tidbits

              Re: Call Restriction

              FA can't do anything to iMessages and Facetime.  Also against wifi it doesn't work.  Best option is remove the device from their possession and give it back in the morning.