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    A couple of hours ago I talked to a tech regarding my coverage problem. It IS a problem! I explained to the tech the 2G to 4G LTE signal that bounces back and forth. The tech told me the area needs another tower. There are quite a few customers in the area. Two days ago another tech sent me this document DOC-4211. It is about the problem I am having. There is a form that I filled and submitted. The tech is going to call me back tomorrow to see if the problem still persists.

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      • drnewcomb2

        I think the problem in the Shampoo-Banana market area is probably due to having only mid-band service. It will be January before T-Mobile can light up band-71 in that market. The 700A block is licensed to US Cellular.

          • dc5fan

            I wish I had a HILARIOUS mark, but I don't! I have lived here since 1/1965,and have never heard the area called that.


            All I have seen on my phone are Bands 1 & 4. Your post is a big help regarding Band 71 (which my phone has). This morning I had to go to Shampoo for a doctor's appointment . I had 4G LTE 2 bars, and driving south when I got about 2 miles from Shampoo I had a signal that lit up like a Christmas Tree. Did you know about DOC-4211? I read the article, and filled out and emailed the form. The tech that helped me this morning said the form is in my file. By 1 PM CDT I should know if the problem is fixed. In the 61878 zip code I have about 7 miles of FLAT farmland.