Terrible Speeds when Roaming in Canada


    I have the Simple Choice NA plan with 6GB LTE and am currently roaming in Canada on Bell (I get 5GB LTE when roaming here). I have used less than half of my 5GB LTE.


    I did a speed test last night, and on two different hotspot devices (a Huawei, and the Nighthawk), I get 0.02Mbps with full Bell signal both in rural towns but also in Toronto. I have my devices set to allow international roaming.


    I have a Verizon Samsung S9 also roaming on Bell and it is getting 30Mbps in a rural town.


    Why am experiencing such slow speeds when roaming when I haven't gone through my allotment?

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      • datajunkie

        Re: Terrible Speeds when Roaming in Canada

        I just tested again this morning and I get


        0.6 Mbps down

        25 Mbps up


        This seems way slower than 4G LTE.

          • syaoran

            Re: Terrible Speeds when Roaming in Canada

            I am up in Toronto as well until the 18th of July.  While here, I have been out in Barrie as well as Cobourg.  I am not experiencing any speed issues on my Mi MIX 3, which has my T-Mobile SIM roaming on to Bell's 700MHz band 13 currently. 


            T-Mobile also throttles hotspot data down to 2G speeds. 


            Over the past couple of days, Bell and Rogers (all Canadian carriers are owned by one of the two) had major outages and service interuptions that are still not fully resolved.  This might be affecting your service.  Which device are you specifically using for your testing?  Have you double checked the APN settings on that device?