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    I live in an area where T-Mobile coverage is spotty at best. I have a cell tower close but when this tower gets busy I get the robotic calls or my calls just drop. I have a T-Mobile Cellspot enabled but the same problem happens, bc the Cellspot just hands off to the local tower. If T-Mobile is not going to deploy any better tower capabilities in my area what are my best options to make the best out of a bad situation? WiFi calling is not an answer, bc just like the Cellspot it is going to pass the call to the local tower.




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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Spotty Coverage - 07458

        1. By "robotic calls" I assume you mean "sounding like a robot", not robo-calls?

        2. Can I ask the model phone(s) you are using.

        3. AFAIK, WiFi Calls don't hand off to the tower. This is one of the few "advantages" of the 4G Cell-Spot, the calls will hand off to the tower.