OnePLus 7 Pro - VoLTE and VoWiFI Notification Icons


    Hello all,


    Is there a reason why T-Mobile has left these icons out? It would be immensely helpful to look at the notification area and know which I am running on. The international version of the phone has these. Please T-Mobile put these in with the next update to be pushed out. Its your decision to leave them out.




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      • snn555

        Well you can always flash to the international version easily quickly and if you need to switch back you can do that too. you can find all the answers on XDA. If you don't want to go through all of that then you will probably have to do without. if the OnePlus 6t is any indication of how TMobile handles these kinds of devices then I would not hold my breath.

        • syaoran

          I think your device might be suffering from the same thing that mine is.  The T-Mobile firmware does have icons for VoLTE and WiFi Calling.  However, VoLTE and WiFi Calling have stopped working for me.  I have tried a factory reset and I have also tried the international version but neither work for me when they did before and do work with my SIM in other devices.  These were working fine for me on the OnePlus 7 Pro until about a week ago. 

          • tmo_mike_c

            Are you getting a 4G LTE icon or are you specifically looking for a "VoLTE" icon to appear? Our devices normally just show 4GLTE when you're connected in an area that has this connection from our towers.

            • snn555

              Just commenting in general as it pertains to OnePlus software I know that on my 6t that the T-Mobile version will not give me any icon in the status bar but will show TMobile Wi-Fi calling in the pull down screen. On the OnePlus stock software it has a v o l t e and a voWi-Fi icon that is static unless you remove it using the status bar icon options.

                • syaoran

                  The 9.5.9 update has been rolling out for the past couple of days now for the international version.  Hopefully we will see this update on the T-Mobile firmware within a week or two.  Whether it will resolve my issue or the OP's issue, I have no idea.  The release notes for the update could differ for the T-Mobile firrmware, although I expect them to be mostly the same. 

                • magenta9473599

                  I own the Oneplus 6T and Oneplus 7 Pro (both from T-Mobile).  Last week I received the dual sim trays for both phones.  I purchased them on Amazon and paid less than $15 all together.  I just wanted to give you a little background info.


                  Over the past weekend I successfully converted both the Oneplus 6T and the Oneplus 7 Pro to the International versions which enables dual sim among many other things.  I can tell you now that when I converted my Oneplus 6T the VoWifi logo appeared which I had never even heard of before.  I then updated the Oneplus 6T to the newest international version.  When i did that the VoWifi logo disappeared.  Well inorder to get it back I went to Settings>Display>Status Bar>Icon Manager and if you go to the bottom of the list you will see both Volte and Vowifi unchecked. So all I had to do was toggle those two on and they have worked evert since.

                  Now like I said I did convert my Oneplus 7 Pro to the international variant over the weekend as well.  Then I upgraded to current version  which is 9.5.11.GMAA.  Both the Volte and Vofi logos appear at the top of the screen and have stayed there since my update.  I suggest checking Settings>Display>Status Bar>Icon Manager and make sure both Volte and VoWifi are both toggled on.\


                  I hope this helps...

                    • syaoran

                      Unlike the 6T though, enabling dual-SIM on the OnePlus 7 Pro from T-Mobile only has one IMEI for both SIM slots, which can cause some issues if both SIM's use the same network at the same time.  Two different SIM's on two different networks though is fine. 

                        • dondeleon

                          I'm glad you mentioned the 2 sim's from the same network.

                          What kind of issues do you mean?

                          I was planning on getting the OnePlus7Pro on Friday and then intern'l unlock the device for recognizing 2 SIMs, BUT they are both Tmobile lines.

                          I've been carrying 2 phones for the last 4 years. I'm tired of it. I was hoping to carry 1 device, 2 Tmobile numbers..


                          Please tell me what I may be getting myself into.


                          I'm not a techie, I just need 1 device for 2 phones.


                          SO you know in advance, I'm not getting it direct from OnePlus, because I'm getting it financed through Tmobile.

                      • dondeleon

                        Thanks for the reply. I'll def update tomorrow after I pick up my device and do the international unlock.. UMMMM if things go sour can I reach out to you to revert back? OR can you lead me to a correct link with those instructions?