What's working? What's not working?


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    Just as the title suggests, we want to know what's working well for you on the Support Community and what could use a little extra work. We know there are problems and we're actively trying to fix them. Maybe you hit some snags when replying to an existing post or it takes way too long to create a new post. No matter how minute the issue may seem, let us know below!

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      • dc5fan

        Re: What's working? What's not working?

        OK, I'll bite. I don't think it's my laptop doing this, but MOST of the time when I start typing a new post, or to answer a post, the page jumps towards the top a bit. I have the same problem with two other sites. Now when I started this post the page stayed put.


        Has the EDIT been removed? My eyesight is terrible withe the eye problems that I have , and I misspell words that I don't proofread my post. I can't go back to fix them. I use to have this problem when I was going to Catholic school, in the day, and those nuns could be vicious!


        And now, the proverbial APP! If ANY of the Moderators or/and Pillars can relay any info when we poor prepaid accounts can have complete access to that darn thing would be appreciated. Happy 4th of July!

        • dc5fan

          Re: What's working? What's not working?

          Well, it made a liar out of me! There's the EDIT buttaon! I think I know why EDIT doesn't show, but I'm at a loss to describe it.

          • aiharkness

            Re: What's working? What's not working?

            I'm having the issue that I think is the same as dc5fan describes -- The top of the text entry box for a reply is up in the banner or header--or whatever it is called-- across the top of the page.  My response is hidden and I have to scroll to see it.  Sometimes, I'm not sure what I do to cause it, the page scrolls back up and I have to move it down again to see my response.


            I'm having the browser error "can't find page" or something like that a lot and have to reload the page once or twice to get it to load.   That could be on my end.


            Sometimes when I respond my response doesn't show.  I have to leave the page and navigate back to it again to see my response.  I think there was one time when my response didn't load at all, but I can't be sure that one wasn't my fault.


            I have been away from the forum for a while and I'm still figuring out the new system.  It seems I'm automatically subscribed to threads that are on the page when I visit the site, or threads I open, I'm not sure.   I don't see a way to subscribe to a thread, though maybe it is there and I haven't figured it out.   I would like to subscribe to forums and threads I choose rather than be automatically subscribed to threads---if that is what is happening.


            I'm using a WIN10 device for the most part, fully up to date, and Edge browser.  I use a VPN and an ad-blocker, but I have the ad-blocker disabled on the T-Mobile sites. 


            Sometimes I visit the forum from and iPhone XS with whatever the latest OS version, and using either the Safari browser or Edge.   I haven't used that enough to know of any issues, or whether the issue I first mention is happening there or not.



            One last thing, and it could be me.  The first 90% or so of the page loads fast, and then that last bit drags out.   The screen names for the members posting in the thread are among those last bits that drag out to the last.  Not a big deal, could be something on my end, but you asked.

            • syaoran

              Re: What's working? What's not working?

              I access this forum using Edge, because it is the only reliable browser that works on this site.  Loading times would be a nice improvement.  They aren't bad but definitely could be better.  A dark mode/theme option would also be nice.