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    Need help! I switched my line over to T-mobile from AT&T and I can not set up my voicemail. When I click on the voicemail icon it just says “call voicemail” then it will say my password is not valid. I’ve tried resetting password multiple times, called t mobile three separate times and talked to tech, talked to apple, went into T-Mobile store and apple store and no one can seem to rectify the problem. T mobile is now saying they may need to switch my number which I do not want to do. I’ve tried factory and network reset on my iPhone XR, they’ve tried my SIM card in another iPhone and it was doing the same thing... anyone ever experience this before? I am beyond frustrated

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      • aiharkness

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        I'm not sure.  I haven't had to call voicemail and provide a password in a very long time.  And now we have visual voice mail and it just works.  That would be my first question: Do you not have the VMM icon in the phone app, bottom right?  Or is that the icon you are talking about when you say selecting it prompts call voicemail and then the error message that you password is not valid?


        I would back up and look again at the process of you changing your password.  That you have control over and can see what is happening.  Also review the information at the following link.




        Note that you should be asked for a password or PIN when calling voicemail from your device.  The exception is when you have outgoing caller ID blocked.  Check that.


        Assuming outgoing caller ID is not blocked, then go through the password reset steps at that page.  Even if you did it before, do it again and make notes of what you do and what you observe.  Write down any error messages or error codes.  If it doesn't work again, your observations and any error codes will be information to search on.



        EDIT:  Reading another thread just now about the situation with the Android VMM app raises the question, are you a pre-paid or post-paid customer.  I'm wondering if that is a factor in this.

          • magenta9191840

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            Sorry to tell you this, you are a victim like the rest of us.  There was a corporate office decision. They decided to not support  the visual voicemail service that was in our phones. They would rather force everyone to use their garbage app for VVM. I tried it like many others and discovered that there was no notifications of a received voicemail.  I like to be able to look at the screen for a notification.  There are many statements from many customers who are  really  frustrated.  Corporate DOES NOT care what we think!!!

            • aiharkness

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              That should be, "Note that you should NOT be asked for a password or PIN when calling voicemail from your device..."

            • tmo_chris

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              Hey magenta9183606


              I know you said you spoke with our tech on this a few times but I really think this issue is on the backend. We should not have to change your number for this. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that you use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They will be able to securely access your account and take a look at why your password is giving you so much trouble. If need be, they will open a ticket with our engineers to have this rectified on the network side.