T Mobile support with no signal


    I recently switched over from AT&T to T-Mobile, which I believe was a heaping giant mistake. The main purpose of this message is to document the ridiculousness of the service that I received.


    I went into my local T Mobile store and we went over the plans. I didn't need unlimited minutes so they sold me the T Mobile Prepaid plan for $70 for 2 lines with 10gb of data per line. I was very happy with that price and decided to switch. The told me the prepaid line had all the same service as the post paid line.


    Once I got home, I couldn't make phone calls. I only had 1 bar for my signal. Apparently i live in a dead zone even though i live in a major city. The sales person neglected to tell me that. I attempted to use wifi calling. It worked like a charm on my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10. It did not work on my Samsung Note 5 which was transferred over from AT&T. Wifi calling DID work on that phone when i was on AT&T.


    I spent hours and hours on the phone trying to get the wifi calling to work. most of my calls ended with the support agent telling me they would do research and then call me back. For the record, they never called me back. Three different support people sold me that can of goods...none of them called me back.


    The last support guy i talked to told me they have a 46 LTE hotspot that can plug into my router and give me a signal boost. great!! They told me to go to my local store and they would give me one to get me working. So i went to the store, waited an hour, only to have the agent tell me that I can't have it because i'm on the prepaid plan.


    Disgusted, I got on the phone again asking to speak to a manager. The agents just kept transferring me to different people, none of them managers. At one point, they just transferred me to an answering machine.  At another, they transferred me to sales where they tried to tell me that if i was willing to pay $30 more a month for post paid, then they could give me the hotspot. So...if i was willing to PAY MORE, they would make my phone work.


    I would have never switched over knowing what I know now because while the price was good, the service for my plan is non-existent.


    I have had the equivalent of the 4G LTE Hotspot on both sprint and at&t in the past, and in neither case did they try to charge me. T Mobile has no business selling phones to people in areas with no signals if they have no intent on supporting it.


    Really bad business. This has left a really bad taste in my mouth for a company that I was honesty excited to join.


    If anyone in T Mobile sees this and thinks that they can address the issue, i'd love to hear a solution.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: T Mobile support with no signal

        I agree that T-Mobile should be more careful about selling service in dead signal areas. The problem is that they lie even to themselves about true extent and quality of their coverage, so the sales people don't really know. This is why I always suggest anyone considering T-Mobile use an unlocked phone and a one-month throw-away Metro SIM to test the service before they port over. Since you brought your own unlocked phones, you're only out a month's service. Just port out (like to Cricket) just before the end of the service month and chalk this one up to experience. This isn't really a GIANT mistake, just a little life experience.

        • tingtdong

          Re: T Mobile support with no signal

          I’m disappointed with Tmobile as well.

          • Poor network service when compared to AT&T
          • Representatives that did not inform the customers fully
          • Hear too many times I will call you back but never did
          • Feels like I just fall for Tmobile scam when I trade in my device
          • mikeystrange

            Re: T Mobile support with no signal

            sad thing is, they can fix all of this with a simple device that they have, and they refuse to do it.

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: T Mobile support with no signal

                The Note 5 (N920A) is an older device which is only partially compatible with T-Mobile's bands. You might be able to reflash it with the T-Mobile version of firmware and get better compatibility. Just throwing it out there.

                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: T Mobile support with no signal

                  We absolutely shouldn't be selling service in areas we don't have coverage or coverage options.


                  If you haven't already, I would speak to a representative to ensure feedback is put in on the store. At the end of the day we can't always prevent the issue from happening, but we can should follow up when there is an issue.


                  At the end of the day, you shouldn't have to be jumping through hoops just to get something as simple as your cell phone working. I'm sorry it hasn't been a great relationship and there's been so many issues for something that should be so easy.