Data plan activated but connection not working




    I purchased a new prepaid SIM card last week. I activated the card on Saturday, and since then have had access to phone and texts on my balance. The same day, I purchased a 1GB 7-day data plan, which I scheduled to activate on Monday morning. The purchase was verified, and I’ve confirmed through my account that I’m paying for a data plan on my line.


    Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to use the data. The phone always sends an error saying the network cannot be activated.


    I reset my phone countless times, turned off data, and reset my network settings on my iPhone. I then called support on Monday morning to try and resolve the issue. They said it was likely a problem on the back-end, and that it would “be resolved in 24 hours, guaranteed”. One day later, nothing was fixed, so I called back and found out that a ticket had never been created. After going through the same support questions again, a ticket was eventually created, but I’ve been told it will be 72 hours until it’s fixed.


    I also visited a T-Mobile store and they tested another SIM which worked correctly. They said nothing could be done in-store to resolve the issue.


    I’m now three days into a 10-day data plan and unable to use the internet. Support has been terrible (my instant activation also failed on the first day, which had to resolved over the phone). I have no confidence that the issue will be fixed given that the the engineers said they would first check coverage in the area (it’s NYC), when clearly it’s a problem with the data plan.


    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to escalate this or the right people to contact? I’m at the point where it would be easier for me to eat the cost of the plan and go to another provider and buy a new SIM Instead of wait for this to be fixed.


    The support ticket number is 40128772.

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