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    I work in a building in downtown Columbus Ohio.  My coworkers and I all have TMobile.  In the last month, we have noticed a huge performance hit in our mobile data while at work.  Although we understand that it could be a congestion problem, it seems to be a lot worse off then that. 


    My other coworkers have been on Tmobile longer then I have and stated that the performance was fine until this month.  Based on the OpenSignal Application that he had on his phone, he stated that there used to be a TMobile tower (or repeater/device) at the Nationwide Building, and it no longer seems to be there.


    Is there a way to check if maybe there was a device that was placed here by TMobile and maybe it's not functioning anymore?



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      • makaritur

        It looks like there is a tower located close by, but T-Moble is nolonger renting from them see following information.

        Citicasters Co. Cell Site

        Antenna Structure

        Structure Type: Building



        Latitude / Longitude: 39.969444 / -83.002778

        Street: #1 Nationwide Plaza

        City, State: Columbus, OH



        Overall Height Above Ground: 200.5 meters

        Overall Height Above Ground Without Appurtenances: 146.8 meters

        Elevation of Site Above Mean Sea Level: 228.9 meters

        Overall Height Above Mean Sea Level: 429.4 meters



        Owner: Citicasters Co.

        Attention to: Wnci -- 47741 - Columbus, Oh

        2625 S. Memorial Drive, Suite A

        Tulsa, OK 43215

        Contact: Jeff Langham

        2625 S. Memorial Drive, Suite A

        Tulsa, OK 43215

        Phone: 9186644581

        E-mail: fcccontact (AT) clearchannel (DOT) com

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        • chimley



          T-Mobile folks.. is there anything that can be done about this?  Anything we can do?

            • tmo_amanda

              Hey, chimley!


              I'm not seeing an in-building tower within the Nationwide building, however, as previously mentioned, there's one close by. The tower that's near the Nationwide building clearly isn't cutting it. Since it sounds like there are a good amount of people experiencing issues within the area, I'd recommend that you Contact Us so we can make the engineers aware of the issue. If you chat with other T-Mobile customers in the area, it's best they give us a call as well so we can see the wide impact of the lack of signal in the area.