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    How can I limit children internet access. Family Line Access is available.  Looking to limit INTERNET and WI-FI

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Family Internet Access

        Great questions!


        While network usage can be limited, for limiting things like wifi wifi will require alternate services or a router with additional block options!



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        • pfisher15

          Re: Family Internet Access

          I have FA and two teen daughters.  They both have iPhones which I try to restrict access especially in the evening after 9pm.  I don't want them to call or message anyone after a specific time.  I know all about Screen Time and Parental controls which it helps to restrict some things but with limitations. The iOS goes so far to restrict things but doesn't complete lock it down.


          This is where I need to rely on TMO to pick up the slack where iOS falls short on restrictions. This is where I want Family Allowance to help to restrict access so they can't call and send messages including SMS to anyone during a block of time.


          Please explain how I can use FA to my benefit specifically to restrict calls and messages?  Please don't send me the link to FA.