Very poor coverage


    I have very poor coverage at this location in zip code 28278 with signals fluctuating between 1 and 2 bars on a good day and more like 0 bars the rest of the time.  I have been through all the troubleshooting steps, with and without WiFi enabled, but I still have the same issues.  I have likewise cycled through 2G, 3G, and 4G band preferences and inspected my SIM card for damage.  I would say that it is my phone except that a second phone in this house (also T-Mobile on the same account) from a different manufacturer has the same issues.  Likewise, I have chatted with Tech Support who have assured me that my line is provisioned for WiFi calling but that does not seem to work either (I have been through that checklist as well and ensured that my E911 address was updated).


    The coverage map shows this area as "fair" which means that somebody in this area connected at least once in the last 90 days.  That goes into the category of "nice to know" but I would like service more often than once every three months.  When service is available, it is very poor quality with the other party barely understandable, plus lots of drops.  When people text me I will usually get the message, but it may take an hour or two before the phone connects well enough to get the message.  With the increasing number of web sites that send verification codes for security reasons, that kind of delay is not acceptable.


    It is not like the phone is incapable at it supports nearly every band except the latest 5G networks:


    2G    GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

    3G    UMTS 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz

    4G    LTE 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600 MHz , TDD 2300 MHz (B40)


    This past week I ordered a new phone which gave me marginally better, but still inconsistent results, so I returned it.  That is three different brands of high-end phones with fully updated firmware running either Oreo 8.1 or Pie 9.0. 


    Would a signal booster help and, if so, how do I go about getting one?  If not, do you have any suggestions other than switching carriers. There is not much point in having an account if I can't rely on getting my calls.

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Very poor coverage

        Those bands are not really any of T-Mobiles and none of their LTE.  While they list 850 that frequency is in very few markets, there most common LTE bands are 2 & 4 (including 66 which is an extra download only channel on Band 4).  It has zero of their low-band 700 (12) nor 600 (71) which only their newer phones support. 


        Here is the link below that goes over all their frequencies/bands.  Note for band 4 you need both 1700 & 2100 as that band uses 1 for up and 1 for down so even though your list here shows 2100 it wouldn't be supported.  The best way to ensure compatibility is purchase a T-Mo branded phone or an unlocked version from the manufacturer that sells devices on TMO's network.


        T-Mobile network

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Very poor coverage

          Hey hodag1


          Sorry to hear you are having so many problems getting coverage in your home As for Wi-Fi calling, we can only really support this on T-Mobile branded phones. As for the Signal booster, we have a few options, but it would be best for you to speak with our folks over the phone to determine which option is best for your specific situation.

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