Getting a LOT of 2G service Asking an explanation?


    I now own a V30 T-mobile. My last phone (Stylo 3 Plus T-mobile) I barely saw 2G, only once in awhile. With the 3 Plus I would receive 4G with 2 bars. With the V30 I just get 1 bar. I am inside my house. Doesn't the V30 have a better antenna than the 3 Plus? Yesterday morning on the main T-Mobile site I was to receive a six-digit code to verify. I have no problem as I understand why. However, at that time my V30 was on 2G service, and the phone wasn;t able to receive the message. A couple of minutes later when the phone changed to 4G I received the code. I live in the 61878 zip code. can anything be done to at least get me boosted to 4G 2 bars? I guess, but I haven't tried yet, using my WiFi might help. Is there a problem with the cell towers in my zip code? I don't quite understand why my signal went down with a much better phone. The 4G 2 bars on the 3 Plus was also inside the house.

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      • syaoran

        LG's more recent radios are not as great with reception in cmparison to ither devices. Still a great device though.  The wide-angle camera for the V30 is still a wider view and image than any ither device out there and takes fantastic pictures.


        Do you have any of the power saving functions enabled?  Do you have a case on the device?  Double check the APN settings and maks sure VoLTE is enabled as well. 

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          • dc5fan

            What sold me on this phone was WI-FI Quad DAC! I have almost 2500 audio mp3s. Use Poweramp with the DAC. I have only used the camera maybe twice. I like the ALWAYS ON display so that it will show the time. I have disabled apps that I will not use when I can. I purchased the phone from a store that refurbished phones for T-Mobile. I also purchased a back cover and screen protector.


            Regarding the signal. Sometimes when logging in T-Mobile wants to send a verification code. Will that code come through if I am on 2G? If I use WiFi will the signal get through? I have checked for signal boosters, and them babies ain't cheap? Like I wrote in my post I really didn't have this problem with the 3 Plus. My settings were checked by a tech at a corporate T-Mobile store. I even checked here for those settings. 


            Thanks for your suggestions! And your time.

              • syaoran

                The T-Mobile version does support WiFi Calling, which should get you texts over WiFi as well.  Just make sure WiFi calling is enabled.  If you find your cell signal is not good enough, set your network to WiFi oreferred.  Texts should come through over 2g/3g, but there might be a slight delay with them due to the speeds of those connections.


                The quad-DAC is definitely great as well.  I really enjoyed usingnit with FLAC files and my Sennheiser HD598C's.  There really is a lot to love about the V30.  The biggest disappointment for me, was the screen.  Everything else about the device was great.  The reception wasn't as good as my S9 Plus, Note 9, Mi MIX 3, or the OnePlus 7 Pro, but it was better than them all in everything else.

                  • dc5fan

                    Well, I was just about to send a reply and the dad-burned electricity went out! I decided to call CS, and chose TROUBLESHOOTING. I explained to the tech what was going on. The bottom line is he may have fixed my problem regarding service. As he was doing something at his end I could see bars got from 2G to 4G LTE with anything from 1 , 2, and 3 bars. Right now I am bouncing between 1 and 2 bars. That's better.


                    My audio files are about 8 years old. A week ago I purchased the SONY MDR-7506 phones. Over 25 years ago I had the SONY MDR-V600s. I had to pitch them about 5 years ago. These 7506's are digital. One major improvement for digital is I can hear the bass drum. I do remember when I was playing I could hear the bass drum fairly well. I always wanted the bassist right next to me so we could "feed" on each other, and have a strong rhythm section.

                    • dc5fan

                      Re: Getting a LOT of 2G service Asking an explanation?

                      It took a few days to sink in, but LG places lousy antennae in their phones! I was in the house wit the V30 when having service problems. I would go outside, and 4G LTE with  or 2 bars. With the Stylo 3 Plus in the house I would get 4G LTE 1 bar. Last night I did a search for SIGNAL STRENGTH on an LG phone. Android central had an article. LG places a cheap antenna in the phones. Hopefully T-Mobile will place some cell towers around in the future.