Lost of service when power was out


    In the evening of June 20th, a strong storm swept thru my area (23323).  When we lost power, I relied on my cell phone to stay in touch with my neighbors in case of emergency.  Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after the power was out, Tmobile service went down also.  When power came back on (6+ hours later), so did Tmobile service.   During those hours, I was completely isolated from the rest of the neighborhood who many use other cell services. 


    It seems like the nearest Tmobile towers did not have adequate backup power to stay up during power outage.  That concerns me greatly because during and after a storm/hurricane, people should be able to rely on cell service to call for help, at least for a day or 2, not 10 minutes.


    How do I find out what happened?  Who do I voice my concern to? 

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Lost of service when power was out

        I agree with you and checked to make sure the three towers nearest to my house all have backup generators. Frankly, AT&T and Verizon do a much better job of backing up their cell sites than T-Mobile does. If your cell phone is mission-critical, you might want to take this into account.

        • terracotta333

          Re: Lost of service when power was out

          Ohh My this is very frustrating, We're very sorry to hear about this. Thank you for letting us know about this concern. rest assure that Our team will help you with this matter.


          Signal issues / no service troubleshooting


          No signal bars or a "no service" error means no connection. We want to fix that.

          Please Report a location without service If you're not receiving service where you expect to, let us know.


          No service where you've had it previously: Restart your device. If that doesn't help, follow the troubleshooting steps above to take care of any other potential problems. If you're still experiencing issues, contact us from a device that has service if you have one, or visit a T-Mobile retail store to report the problem.

          Coverage where you are has always been poor: Visit https://howmobileworks.com from an area where you have coverage and sign our petition to tell local planners and decision makers that you support our network enhancements.


          Give us a call

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