Why Was My Data Account Switched Without My Permission?


    I live in Australia but come to the USA several times each year. I have 2 mobile accounts....one is a pay as you go mobile account and the other is a data plan.


    Today, out of the blue I received this message:


    "Your requested switch from North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data with 2GB 4G LTE to Mobile Internet Network Access has been made. This change is effective immediately."


    Firstly, I requested no such thing. And, I have no idea what this means. On my phone account I can put in enough credit to last 12 months. The North American Simple Choice data plan lasted only 1 month/charge. I would only add funds to it after I arrive in the USA. I don't know what the new plan does or how it works let alone why I was switched over. I kind of resent being told I requested something that I did not request.


    I have searched high and low for a way to contact customer service from Australia short of calling. When I log into T-Mobile and go to support there is an option to send a text message to support. All that does is send me in an endless loop of asking me to log in. When I log in I cannot see any way to actually send a text or reach an actual person at T-Mobile. Very frustrating to say the least.


    Thanks for any help or assistance!

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