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    I recently bought a iPhone 8+ from this lady and she didn’t tell me it was Locked to T-Mobile and didn’t pay her bill. can I use it? I’m with metro by the way

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      • gramps28

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        If she didn't pay her bill the phone will become blacklisted and won't be able to used on

        any network.

        • terracotta333

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          Thank you for opening up this matter, we can provide some information on this. if the device is not paid off you wont be able to use it.

          If by chance you can get in-touched w/ this lady that would be greate we can extend our help on both ends... if she will agree that you will be the new accnt holder and if its okay with you to settle the balance on her accnt or check what could be the best options it would be nice.


          Current Account Owner

          • My T-Mobile and My Account usage records will no longer be accessible once the ownership transfer is complete.
          • Your account will need to be current in order to transfer account ownership—this includes all past due charges, current charges, and EIP balances. You may be eligible to transfer your EIP balance to another account.
          • If the person taking over the account does not contact us and complete the transfer of ownership, you'll remain responsible for the account and all charges.
          • Ready to get started? Contact us now!


          Potential Account Owner

          • A credit check and a deposit may be required.
          • You'll need to agree to a service agreement.
          • Depending on availability and account type, you may need a new rate plan.
          • You can bring a device or buy a new mobile device. You may qualify for an Equipment Installment Plan.
          • It may take up to one week before you can register the account on MyT-Mobile.
          • Your voicemail box may be deleted, make sure to save any voicemails you want to keep.
          • Make sure you understand the following bill impacts:
            • Already have an account? We'll use the existing billing method. Otherwise, your billing method will be Bill Current. Learn about Bill Current.
            • You'll be assigned a new bill cycle and bill due date.
            • You'll be responsible for the account and charges on and after the date of the ownership transfer.
          • Contact T-Mobile Customer Service and speak to our activations team within 30 days after the ownership transfer authorization in order to complete the Change of Responsibility. If the request is not completed within 30 days, the original owner will need to contact us again to file another request.


          Transfer account or line ownership



          hope this can help you out with this concern


          Thank you