Nokia 2760H flip phone in 08520


    My mother has this 12-year old flip phone.


    As I recall T-Mobile upgraded the network near us.


    She does not seem to be able to make any calls. Just show 1 bar signal strength.

    She is on a grandfathered plan coming up for renewal in September.


    Can this flip phone still be used where us?

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Nokia 2760H flip phone in 08520

        That old flip phone is dual-band GSM-only. In much of the NY/NJ area T-Mobile has severely depreciated 2G service down to a couple of channels running in the LTE guard bands in band 2. You might have a theoretical connectivity but not at all reliable. That phone doesn't owe you anything. Time for a replacement. No other carrier in the US supports 2G GSM any more. It's hit a dead end.