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    I have very poor coverage at my apartment, and I'm pretty sure it isn't my phone that's at fault since as soon as I get a half mile or so outside, everything seems to get connected just fine. Sitting here right now, it's on 'H', and a lot of the time it drops down to even 'E', which is basically useless. The coverage map also shows my address as full coverage (and also I'm in a pretty populated area, I'm sure there's towers around).


    Is there a place I can report this poor coverage? Or is this the place right here? Does T-Mobile give out some kind of at-home LTE equipment for these kinds of situations?



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      • aiharkness

        Re: Poor coverage

        This is one place you can seek help.  You might also chat with T-Mobile at My T-Mobile, or, I believe, chat using the T-Mobile app on your phone.   For what it's worth, my preference would be to call customer service.  If that phone is all you have and you don't have reliable service, then options are call from another phone, or chat from a computer.


        I'm curious if there is a difference when you are outdoors at your location vice inside your apartment or house.  If you are fine just outside your building, then the problem is the signal penetrating the building.  If you have signal issues even outside, and this is a new problem, then it would seem the network at your location is having an issue.  The fact that you don't have the problem in other areas indicates to me the problem is not the device.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Poor coverage

          Sorry to hear you are troubles with your coverage! Since it is location specific, it would be best to report this to our folks over the phone. To answer your question, yes, we offer some pretty awesome in-home coverage solutions. When you speak with one of our experts over the phone, they will be able to determine the best fit for you.