Sim switch after Costco BOGO


    TMobile has Costco 2019 Summer Samsung Buy 2 and Save upto $900 offer. I required me to add a new line to my existing account and also purchase 2 S10 devices.


    I have added a new line and it's SIM is in one of the S10 that I purchased. I would like to use the two S10 with my existing lines and put the SIM for the new line in an existing phone. My question is will that affect my rebate? I got two different answers from Costco rep. One guy said that I need to keep the new line's sim inside the new phone while other guy said it does not matter which phone I put the new line's sim as long as the line is active.


    Please clarify if I can put the SIM of an existing line in the new device and not affect the rebate.



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Sim switch after Costco BOGO

        I think once you get your rebate, there is nothing stopping ya from using the phones with what ever SIM cards you want. It shouldn't even be a problem before since the promotion is not based on usage but rather the activation of the new line. If you want to be safe, you can keep the SIM for the new line in the new phones.