Why is a Note 8 slower than a S9 on WiFi?


    I have a Samsung Note 8 from T-Mobile. It is stock and current. My wife has a Samsung S9 from T-Mobile. It is also stock and current.


    We both use a 820.11ac WiFi connection (ASUS AC3200 router) and our Internet service is FTTH (1 Gbps U/D)


    My Note 8 maxes out at around 250 Mbps U/D while my wife's S9 maxes out at around 400 Mbps U/D (pretty symmetrical). Both were tested from the same spot (~2 feet from the router) and both are connected to the same 5 GHz channel.


    Now I am not complaining but I am curious about this discrepancy. Are the WiFi chipsets and/or MIMO antennas in both of these devices that different?

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