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    I recently left AT&T for T-mobile and I've had nothing but problems with the prepaid service. After talking on the phone with support just to be able to pay my bill since Tmobile hates prepaid users, the support staff was able to put me into the system to set up an account online to pay my bill in the future. Now, here i am, unable to access my bill because the site simply tells me "Customer details not found in cache". No matter what I do, that message pops up in place of the fields that should be appearing. I can't even message support because it directs me to a blank page that just says "prepaid" at the top. How is it acceptable that prepaid users are treated this way? Like, I see posts online from years ago about the app not working for prepaid users and how it's being worked on, but look at that, it still isn't usable for prepaid. I planned on switching to full service in the future, but this doesn't make me feel confident in the abilities of Tmobile's IT. I just want to be able to pay my phone bill without tmobile falling apart around me like they aren't a massively successful company. Hell, Boostmobile is more reliable than this. So what do i do to stop having these issues? Or am I forever in this loop of neglect as long as I'm a prepaid user?

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      • dc5fan

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        I know EXACTLY what you are going through! Here's what I had to do. Windows 10 Google shuts me down when I try to ADD FUNDS to my account. I switched to Microsoft Edge. I can completely access my account. Why some here can use Google I have no clue why mine won't work. The site looks better on Edge. I gave up on the app! Up until 3 or 4 months ago I could use it, but now I can't. I shut it off in my phone. I live 7 miles north of a great corporate T-Mobile store. That helps. Prepaid cards are sometimes hard to find until a Pillar of the Community told me Kroger has the cards. I don't have a Kroger close, but there is a Ruler Foods 7 miles away. There are "short codes" that might help. Thet can be found in a search box. My plan is $3 a month. I keep a decent balance so I won't have to worry.


        I consider myself here as a "step-child". Not exactly able to use ALL services, but have no problem with that. After seeing problems with phones I brought my own, purchased one from the T-Mobile store close by, and bought a nice V30 (T-Mobile) from an Amazon seller. What I see here are the "rookies" who didn't do diligent research before signing service. I now realise that after 14 years with AT&T AT&T no longer has prepaid plans like T-Mobile. I agree with you about T-Mobile may not like prepaid accounts like me. I haven't had too much bad service regarding Customer Service.

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          Hey kowaikota 


          Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! I am so sorry that you are having so much trouble accessing your online account We definitely do not "hate" our prepaid users! Did you have any success using the Edge browser like dc5fan suggested? As for the app, we know our prepaid users want access to it and we are doing everything we can to get it in tip top shape for all prepaid account types.