BingeOn no longer on my account


    I signed up for my account strictly for streaming low-def video as there is no reliable hardline internet where I use this. For 18 months it worked great. Starting this year, the account keeps hitting the 5GB data cap and slowing to a crawl. The phone is only used for streaming netfllix and hulu to a low-def TV over a low-def roku. Nothing has changed on our end. When I called in, they told me BingeOn was accidentally off on my account and they would turn it on. They also told me to use #266# to re-enable it if it happens again.

    Well it keeps happening and has never worked since. Their chat app won't work on my laptop, and their phone support is atrocious. Is there any way to get this fixed? If not, I'm going to close the account as it's now a waste of money and I've had to buy service from another carrier.

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