S7 Edge unstable - soo many issues AOD, stability, etc


    I used to love my S7 Edge. It was fast, had great battery life and a wonderful phone.  In the past few months, it's giant pile of steaming poo.  The System UI was constantly crashing and it was soo slow that the phone would vibrate when a call came in but the it didn't display the call until it started into the 4th ring. I had some cracks in the screen and got it repaired and the battery replaced. I thought let's just wipe it out and rebuild. that made ZERO difference, all the same problems as before. It's beyond frustrating that updates to the phone have basically crippled it. In addition the Always on Display no longer works. I've tried everything online I can find to get it to work and it's so frustrating that the AOD just quit. I'm technical and I'm just frustrated that this has become crippled because of updates that I have no control over.

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      • syaoran

        With a 4 year old device, apps tend to be a lot more bloated and RAM hungry.  Just about all manufacturers are guilty of slowing downntheir devices over time and neing a debice beyond the 2 year support window, compatibility with newer and more recently updated apps gets worse with time.  If you think it is thenfirmware version soecifically, them roll it back as far as you can to see if that makes a difference, which will require a factory reset to do properly.


        You mention you have had your device repaired.  Was that done at an authorized Samsung servuce center or through a third party repair service?  Some, but definitely not all, third oarty repair services don't always take the necessary care when repairing your device that they need to.  Screen replacements are usually very difficult as they are secured with plenty if adhesive and usually have a few cables attached to the under sude of the display. 

        • seoulman

          Yes it's an older phone but I'm takling about systemic stability issues. The camera takes 5 seconds to open and then another 5 to take a picture. Continual crashing of the OS.  The systemic stability issues started before the repair and I've wiped the device and if I could roll back to the original OS I would. This is T-Mobile fault of a very poor implementation of the OS and patches to the device.

            • tmo_chris

              I am sorry to hear that you phone is slowly starting to putter out seoulman Our update process is tested pretty thoroughly and we will never send updates to phones if it is going to compromise its performance. This is one of the reasons we stop sending Android OS upgrades to older devices because they are simply unable to handle it In your situation, I think this is just going to be the phone giving out in its old age and may be time for an upgrade.

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                • riverafam7

                  With all do respect, if t-mobile does in fact do a vetted test to all updates, why are the updates having so many troubleshooting events to the "older" phone models. I have been with T-Mobile from the OmniPoint & VoiceStream eras. Being tech savvy myself, and having experience with hardware & software solution role-outs, don't you think based on ALL the complaints these updates are causing that updates pushed to older model phones would be limited to the hardware processing performance of the device(s)? I also have an S7 Edge Samsung phone, which stems back from the Samsung derailment by the NOTE 7 recall. The NOTE 7 was a GREAT phone by the way; I did not have any battery issues with the phone. I was forced to give up my NOTE 7 and use my current phone (S7 Edge). Since I could not financial afford the newer model NOTE phones I was forced to tolerated the S7 phone to this day. Since giving up my NOTE 7 phone I since have had to factory reset my S7 edge at least 4x, Every-time I do this I lose a piece of history of my family and friends as I always lose pix, vids, etc. I say all that to say this, every time I do a t-mobile update whether patch or OS, my phone deteriorates more and more. My S7 edge is plagued with latency issues stemming from processing performance to multiple issues with application running and crashing events. I am fed up and flirting with the idea to moving to another carrier. However, I am not afraid to admit, my memories of my NOTE 7 keep me attached to T-Mobile.

                  • seoulman

                    If T-Mobile's answer is to buy a new phone, then they should give me the ability to go back to the previous OS version and then NOT redownload the next version and keep bugging me to apply the update. I totally disagree with TMoChris reply. More and more people are holding onto their phones for longer that 2 years. I could undersand this if this was a 5 year old phone but 3 years is still well within normal operating ranges. In addition plenty of families pass down phones to kids when the parents get  a new phone.  I'm not sure who is to blame, T-Mo for a extremely poor update or Samsung for a junky update. I've been with T-Mobile for over 10 years. I've had 4 samsung phones and what I've consistently seen is that the original OS runs wonderfully, the next upgrade usually totally sucks and then the last OS update is a total crapshoot. for my S5, the last OS fixed the previous OS major problems. for the s7 edge, this has been giant crap storm.  this really could not be T-Mo's fault and totally Samsung's but it could also be T-Mo. I don't want to go to an iPhone but I don't see Apple users having these issues b/c t-mo doesn't control the updates.

                    • seoulman

                      I'm not sure how extensive it is. Quite fankly I'm sitting here waiting for my phone to respond b/c like soo many times a day it says System UI has  crashed. I rebooted the phone and the system UI is so unstable that even though I punched in my pin and hit OK, the display times out and I have to hit the power button to get a response and then then reenter my pin. My way older S5 is more stable and reliable than this phone. This is just unacceptable and again it's so bad I want to roll back but I have no option, so for T-Mobile to suggest to buy a new device b/c of updates released to the phone that causes it to become an unresponsive brick smells of collusion and a way to force people to buy new phones, much like the way the Apple slowed down phones without telling users and then when they got caught said it was a user feature. Are the T-Mobile employees on this forum saying that if a user has an unresponsive device that the solution is to buy a new phone?