Is there a better phone number for customer service?


    Trying to get a prepaid sim activated and working. First called cust service, they said wait 2 hours.  Didn't work.  Went to a store, they tried some stuff, called support, said it would start working in 20 minutes.  Nope.  Called cust service again.  First person told me that they are working on the cell towers around my house for 2 months, but after that it might work (!!!!!!).  Called back.  New lady tried a couple things (turn bluetooth off, reset network settings, turn phone off and on) which didn't do anything of course.  So she told me to go to a store.  I told her the store was useless.  She recommended going to a different store.  Wow.


    Is there a number for customer service that knows what they are doing?  Maybe US based?  I'm just trying to use a prepaid SIM to test coverage around my house before switching to T-mobile, but this is not a very good preview.

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