Note 9 will not send MMS messages


    My Note 9 will receive picture messages but will not send. Any help?

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      • syaoran

        Re: Note 9 will not send MMS messages

        Which app are you using for MMS?  Have you double checked your APN settings?  Is what you are trying to send larger than the app set limit for MMS messages?  One thing to consider is, that although you can set and send messages that are fairly large, doesn't mean the network or phone receiving them will be able to receive them for various reasons.  Some cellular providers put a cap on MMS sizes where some devices will just naturally reject something very large because the device has a software cap on the file size it can receive. 

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Note 9 will not send MMS messages

          Hey, magenta8952815!


          If you're still having issues sending picture messages, please take a look at the steps listed here: Picture message troubleshooting. Those steps will also point you in the direction of your device's APN settings, as syaoran has mentioned.