My LG V30's fingerprint software stopped working after getting the back replaced


    So my mom dropped my phone (LG V30) and it shattered the back of it. No biggie, the phone still worked perfectly and I went into a local fix'd shop to get a new back for it. They replaced the back, and I didn't notice anything funky about my phone after. However, when I manually unlocked it, I got a notification saying that the fingerprint sensor wasn't reading and to restart my phone if the problem continued. We tried soft resetting it and rebooting it, but to no avail. The fix'd guys even tried taking the back off and recentering it but it still didn't work. So finally I pulled up the settings, and the entire option for fingerprints was gone. It still had the biometrics for face recognition and voice, but the fingerprint option is gone.

    I know that as a security feature for Iphone the fingerprint sensor turns off when you removed the home button, is this a security feature for the LG V30? I'm pretty sure this is a software issue, the actual back button works just fine, the sensor just doesn't work.

    I really don't want to factory restart my phone, but I can't seem to find anyone else who has encountered this.

    Does anyone know what's going on?

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