Having trouble sending and receiving iMessage texts


    I have an iPhone SE.


    A week ago I accidentally turned off iMessage, so I was only able to send and receive SMS texts with people who didn't have iPhones. People with iPhones said they received SMS texts from me, but I didn't get any of their replies (which I guess makes sense if they sent them via iMessage and I had it shut off). 


    I finally realized that iMessage was off and turned it back on. One person with an iPhone could now get texts from me via iMessage, and I could get her iMessage replies. However when I text other people with iPhones (people I previously texted over iMessage with) they still don't get them, nor do I get any texts from them. The texts I send them still show up on my phone as though I sent them successfully though, and they show up as SMS texts for some reason.


    I have restarted my phone a number of times. What else can I do?


    Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you so much.

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