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    I had a question that I feel like I couldn't find an answer for. Basically I have an iPhone 7 (Verizon Work) and a personal phone with TMo. I am wanted to know if anyone has any experience with one of the newer iPhones or any phone that I can switch to having just 1 phone but use both. I was wondering if I got an iPhone R or XS if I could put a sim in and use the eSim and that would all work. Thanks!

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      • magentatechie

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        It will absolutely work, you just have to make sure that the phone is unlocked before you try putting in another carrier's SIM in it. 

        Unlock your mobile wireless device


        You can activate the eSIM in the iPhone by using the eSIM app available from the App Store.

        T-Mobile eSIM app


        At this time, the eSIM can only be reliably activated using the app and initiating a pre-paid line of service, however, this will accomplish what you're seeking- to use the physical Verizon SIM in the device, and utilize the eSIM for your T-Mobile service.