Phones not connecting to CellSpot


    Hi everyone,


    We are new T-Mobile customers as of this week, having jumped ship from Verizon after 13 years with them (it was a tough breakup, but a necessary one).  My husband and I both have the iPhone XS Max and we have our new 4G LTE CellSpot V2 B all set up and all of the lights on it are solid green; however, neither one of our phones are getting any increased signal from this device.  We had a very similar device with Verizon (they call theirs a network extender), which always gave us full LTE signal in our home, but this one doesn't seem to be doing that.  It's just not raising our bars at all.  Even when we are right in the same room and standing next to the CellSpot, we're only getting 1 or 2 bars, which is what we were getting before we set up the CellSpot.  I've been on Facebook chat with T-Mobile's tech support all night and we have gone through numerous troubleshooting steps, but we haven't had any luck, so they opened a trouble ticket for us, which we won't hear back on for several days since I guess it has to go to the engineering team.  I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this difficulty with their CellSpot and what you did to resolve the issue.  We would really like to get this thing working properly!


    Thanks in advance!

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